The wheel of learning naver stops


The wheel of learning naver stops


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Who We Are

Looking to upgrade your phonetics skills ? You have come to the right place. At The Learning Wheel, you will get precise guidance and the right direction in this tricky but fun game of phonetics. A staggering experience of 10 years in this field of teaching English language to students and teachers alike, you can be assured that you will get the right knowledge. I will cover everything from phonetics sounds to phonetics song and start from scratch in order to enhance the enthusiastic learners to up their skill in the same and give a boost to their confidence in English-speaking.

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Our Accomplished Methods

A total of 14 years of experience in the teaching field that comprises of working in two schools and tutoring for more than 6 years. The knowledge we possess and the techniques we have adopted are unique and improvised to best suit the needs of children and adults alike who have now become experts in the same.

Benefits of Phonetics

Learning letter sounds
Learning letter formation
Improves creative writing
Reading and writing readiness
Better conversational skills
Pre-reading and pre-writing skills

What You Will Learn

Our comprehensive course will enrich your English-speaking and writing skills. You will be skilled in the following after the completion of the course

Jolly phonics

Talk confidently in public

Tricky words



Making simple teaching aids

10 Years of Experience

18 Certified Teachers
351 Successful Kids
564 Happy Parents

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Who We Are

The most important thing that the teaching line has taught me is that sharing knowledge is truly the most powerful tool in the world. I believe in empowering all those, especially women, by helping them in increasing their knowledge and become self-equipped and self-sufficient for the future. It does not matter whether you have any experience or not, whether you are a teacher or a housewife, you can be certain that after the course you will be as good as anyone else. One must never forget that there is no defined age of learning. More importantly, this must be seen as an investment for yourself and nothing else.

Alpa Mehta
(Phonetics and grammar mastermind)

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